How To Fix Epson L360 Printer Error with Blinking Ink and Paper Lights

EPSON L360 Printer Driver

Printers are output devices that are used to print various documents on paper. The presence of printers can be considered essential because they are useful in various fields, especially in work and education, where they are often used to print various documents such as company files and school exam questions.

Of course, the function of a printer is very important to humans to support their needs. However, behind this necessity, printers have a host of problems that often arise. These issues may occur when the printer is in use or about to be used, such as a printer that refuses to print documents, paper jammed inside the printer, paper getting stuck during the printing process, and other problems that may arise.

Whether we like it or not, as printer users, we need to have the skills to repair printers when such problems occur. Problems can occur with any brand of printer, and almost all printers have the same problems, but the solutions used may differ slightly for each brand or printer model.

In this article, we will discuss the error issues that may occur with the Epson L360 printer. There are several conditions that inform us as users when the printer has a problem, such as the ink or paper lights flashing.

Epson L360 Printer with Blinking Ink and Paper Lights

Although printers are much needed by many people, they have limitations that can sometimes confuse their users. Some problems often arise when printers are used, such as printers that are not detected by the computer, ink that does not come out, paper jams, and other issues.

Of course, these issues do not arise without cause, and some problems that arise have different causes. As someone who may not be familiar with how to fix them, it can be confusing to know how to fix these problems. However, don’t worry too much because we can solve the problems that arise ourselves without having to take them to a service center.

Every printer has indicator lights that serve as signs. If the ink and paper lights are flashing, it usually indicates that the printer cannot be used to print documents because there is a problem with the printer we are using.

To be able to use the printer again and remove the flashing ink and paper indicator lights, we need to repair it first. You can follow some tips below to fix the error on the L360 printer.

How to Fix Epson L360 Printer Error

Check the Paper in the Printer

The first step to take is to check the paper in the printer, whether it is filled or not. If it is empty, please fill it first. The paper light may be flashing because there is no paper available in the printer. This usually happens when printing a document, but the paper in the printer has run out, causing the paper light on the printer to flash.

Check the Ink

The ink in the printer should also be checked, and regular checks are necessary. A blinking ink light can occur because the ink has run out, or the ink cartridge is not in the correct position. Therefore, check whether the ink supply is still sufficient or not, and check whether the ink cartridge is in the correct position.

By performing the above checks, the blinking ink light will usually stop, and the printer will operate normally again.

Restart the Printer

Next, you can restart the printer to fix the blinking ink and paper lights. This method can fix errors caused by system malfunctions. By restarting the printer, the printer’s system will start from the beginning, and the printer system will return to normal.

Reset Printer

The last step you can take is to reset the printer. Printers have a limit of printing around 2000 sheets of paper, after which you need to reset the printer to its default settings. How to do it? Well, resetting the printer requires the Epson Adjustment Program software. You can search for this software on the internet.

Once you have the Epson Adjustment Program software, follow the steps below to reset the printer.

  1. First, download the Epson Adjustment Program tools here.
  2. Run the Epson Adjustment Program software as an Administrator.
  3. Select the printer model with the name L360 and click OK.
  4. Next, click Particular Adjustment Mode.
  5. Select Waste Ink Pad Counter.
  6. Check the Main Pad Counter and then click Initialize.
  7. Wait until the initialization process is complete.
  8. Check the Main Pad Counter again and click Check.
  9. Once done, click Finish and restart the printer.


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